The Texas A&M Sports Car Club is a non-profit, Texas A&M University sponsored organization dedicated to automobile and motor sports enthusiasts. The Club offers many activities and events oriented toward automobiles.

The Club was founded in 1968 and is one the the few university sponsored sports car clubs in the nation. It is also the largest collegiate car club in the nation.

The club organizes a variety of events from Autocrosses, Rallyes, Drag Races to Car Shows and social events like weekly dinners, get-togethers, and meetings. The club is also a good place to get help in car projects and repairs as many of the club members have years of experience and valuable knowledge they’ll gladly share.

Club memberships give discounts at the club’s events and discounts from the club’s sponsors as well. Talk to the secretary for more details about memberships.

Despite the name “sports car club” having a sports car is not necessary to partake in the club’s events. Participants don’t even have to have cars either. All that is needed is an interest in automobiles and a little sense of adventure.

TAMSCC: “Where driving is graded on a curve.”